About Us

Our Mission

We want to offer our customers the best selection of local, natural, certified organic and wholesome conventional food at affordable prices. We have designed our store to offer a warm, comfortable, attractive, family friendly shopping experience. Our staff are trained to exceed retail customer service expectations.

Our success is dependent upon a loyal customer base. If we don't have you, you won't have us. Our customers are our first priority. Together, we will grow.

We are a 100% Ontario owned and operated business. As such we know the importance of supporting our local community. This is manifested in our support of local growers and producers as well as local community organizations.

Our Store

The MillHouse is one of two stores situated in what was once the Livery shed at the Arva Flour Mill. Renovated and restored in the fall of 2012, we opened the doors on February 1st, 2013 to offer the area a source for local natural and organic meats, poultry, cheeses, oils, rubs, sauces, preserves, pickles, breads, herbs, teas and whatever else we can source out locally to offer you from the bread basket of Ontario.

Naturally, there are many foods not grown or produced locally, in which case we also source out the best in seafoods, coffees, salts and so on, from across our country and around the world. Our focus however is on the best local, natural and organic foods from our area. We carry "The Best Foods by a Dam Site."

The Mill Store

Attached to our historic mill, is our famous Mill Store, offering over five hundred products for your baking needs. It is the hub for a growing crowd who want to know what is in their food and who want the best and healthiest ingredients for their baking needs. The store offers local natural and organic grains, beans, nuts, flours, honey, syrups AND a large selection of GLUTEN FREE baking ingredients.

The Flour Mill

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Coming to the mill is an experience in itself. Established in 1819, our historic flour mill is the oldest continuously running water powered flour mill in North America, producing what we believe is the "Best Flour by a Dam Site." The mill itself produces natural 100% Whole Wheat Flour, Hard Unbleached White Flour, Pastry Flour and Organic Spelt Flour. Not only is it found in the Mill Store, but it is shipped world wide.

The Mill District

If you watch our mill video, you will see the vision we have for the area and buildings. Our store and the Mill Store are just the start of a neighbourhood of shops to serve our community. We are becoming a destination centre and will soon have a restaurant, pub, and bakery (using our flour of course). We will have events and festivals for all to enjoy as we work towards restoring the historic buildings and creating a District worth visiting.

Come join us and become a Friend of the Mill.

The MillHouse Store winter hours:

Tuesday To Friday   10am - 5pm

Saturday   9:30am - 5pm

Closed Sunday

Closed Monday

The Arva Flour Mill Store is open seven days a week. Visit www.arvaflourmill.com