Our Products


Our meats are locally raised, natural and/or certified organic, all of which are grass fed and free from injected hormones and antibiotics. Some of the meats we carry are beef, pork, lamb, including deli meats, water buffalo, and bison.


Our chicken is certified organic and locally raised. They may be purchased whole or as cuts. Our certified organic turkeys are seasonal.


We have an excellent selection of local cheeses from Gunn's Hill and Jennard's goat cheese.


You won't find local scallops or tuna, but you will find it in our freezers from our Canadian coasts. Frozen salmon and halibut fillets are a favourite in our store. All are wild caught.

Sauces, rubs, marinades

What is a BBQ party without that special BBQ sauce or marinade? We have many to choose from, the traditional to the specialty sauces.

Relishes, rubs, preserves

We have them all to compliment your dinner from beginning to end. We try to source locally as much as possible. Most garlic you find in larger stores comes from China; even many "certified organic." Not in our store; our garlic is grown and produced locally here in Ontario and it is superb. We have all natural hot sauces, chutney, country-style ketchup, mustard, olive oils, pickles, relishes, salts (smoked!), coffees, teas ....